Hi. I'm Luke.

Email - GitHub - About Me - Twitter - @nemo#4926

I'm a programmer. I primarily work on Sia, a distributed cloud storage platform.
I studied Computer & Systems Engineering at RPI for 3 years before my long-time
friend David and I were bitten by the startup bug. We co-founded Nebulous and
developed Sia for 6 years. In 2021, Nebulous split into Skynet Labs and the Sia
Foundation, which David and I now respectively lead. Aside from programming, I
like painting, recommending music, and Hood® Golden EggNog.

I also fancy myself a half-decent technical writer. Here's a list of my blog posts:

- Hacking Go Maps for Fun and Profit
- How to Access a Running Binary on Linux
- What is a Monad?
- Hacking a ProgComp with Side Channels
- How to Use Sia Irresponsibly
- How to Use Sia Responsibly
- Files as Capabilities in us
- Talking to Sia Hosts from...Ruby??
- One year of us
- A Lightweight Wallet for Sia
- You Could Have Invented Skynet
- The Pros of Conds

I primarily program in Go, the only mainstream language that takes software
engineering seriously. Everything about Go makes sense when viewed through this
lens; those who say Go is "inexpressive" or "ignores years of PL research" are
projecting their own goals onto the language, rather than attempting to
understand it through the eyes of its creators and users.

Anyway, here are some of the tools and libraries I'm especially proud of:

- frand: A fast-key-erasure CSPRNG in userspace
- flagg: Barebones subcommand handling
- uint128: A high-performance uint128 package
- blake3: An implementation of the BLAKE-3 hash function
- intersort: Sort anything
- freeze: Make any Go object immutable via mprotect

I'm also a big fan of Advent of Code; my solutions can be found here.
Sadly, Go is not the ideal AoC language, so I have been developing a new
language (perhaps the world's first?) optimized for competitive programming.
If you're interested in collaborating on such a project, get in touch! :)