Hi. I'm Luke.

Email - GitHub - About Me - Twitter - @nemo#4926

I'm a programmer. I primarily work on Sia, a distributed cloud storage platform.
I studied Computer & Systems Engineering at RPI for 3 years before my long-time
friend David and I were bitten by the startup bug. We co-founded Nebulous, which
developed Sia for 6 years. In 2021, we spun out the Sia Foundation, a non-profit
that handles Sia core development, and I left Nebulous to become its president.
Aside from programming, I like Urbit, recommending music, and Hood® Golden EggNog.

Here's some stuff I've made:

Blog posts:           - The Pros of Conds
                      - You Could Have Invented Skynet
                      - A Lightweight Wallet for Sia
                      - One year of us
                      - Talking to Sia Hosts from...Ruby??
                      - Files as Capabilities in us
                      - How to Use Sia Responsibly
                      - How to Use Sia Irresponsibly
                      - A Ransom Attack on Hardware Wallets
                      - Hacking a ProgComp with Side Channels
                      - What is a Monad?
                      - How to Access a Running Binary on Linux
                      - Hacking Go Maps for Fun and Profit

Academic papers:      - Streaming Merkle Proofs within Binary Numeral Trees
                      - Sia: Simple Decentralized Storage

Talks:                - Utreexo in Context

Go packages:          - frand: A fast-key-erasure CSPRNG in userspace
                      - flagg: Barebones subcommand handling
                      - uint128: A high-performance uint128 package
                      - blake3: An implementation of the BLAKE-3 hash function
                      - intersort: Sort anything
                      - freeze: Make any Go object immutable via mprotect

Other projects:       - Goldilocks Zone Finder

Other writing:        - Invisible Networks 2022 - Day 4

I'm also a big fan of Advent of Code; my solutions can be found here.
Sadly, Go is not the ideal AoC language, so I have been developing a new
language (perhaps the world's first?) optimized for competitive programming.
If you're interested in collaborating on such a project, get in touch! :)